Carlos Marquardt Román

Carlos Marquardt Román

Geólogo Ph.D

Académico del Departamento de Ingeniería Estructural y Geotécnica y Departamento de Ingenieria Mineria

Área de especialización: Exploracion y recursos minerales.

Geologia regional y procesos superficiales








Sus publicaciones más recientes son:

Faúndez, P.I., Marquardt, C., Jara, J.J. and Guzmán, J.I., 2020. Valuation and Prioritization of Early-Stage Exploration Projects: a Case Study of Cu–Ag and Au-Mineralized Systems in the Tiltil Mining District, Chile. Natural Resources Research, pp.1-26.

Jara, J.J., Delucchi, S., Peters, D., Lagos, G. and Marquardt, C., 2020. Attracting mining investments: the relationship between natural endowments and public policies. Mineral Economics, 33(1), pp.231-243.

Ritz, J.F., Braucher, R., Bourles, D., Delouis, B., Marquardt, C., Lavenu, A., Philip, H. and Ortlieb, L., 2019. Slip rate of trench‐parallel normal faulting along the Mejillones Fault (Atacama Fault System): Relationships with the northern Chile subduction and implications for seismic hazards. Terra Nova, 31(4), pp.390-404.